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why creative scavenger


Learn to recognise colours and shapes, design and plan projects, and practise hand-eye coordination through art


Build essential skills in fun ways, exploring maths, reading and writing through nature. Great for focus, observation and memory.


Be messy, noisy and curious! Get to know the natural world and our place within it. See the seasons change and learn how the wild world adapts.


Go big and bold to meet each challenge. Develop social skills, resilience and healthy minds and bodies by connecting with nature.

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Are you a forest friend? A wildlife wizard? An arty explorer? You might be a Creative Scavenger!


woodland hunt

Inside this box you’ll find 20 Create Cards and a Woodland Hunt book full of scavenger hunts, facts and ideas – it’s a kit fit for any outdoor explorer! Grab a card to find a nature art challenge or open your book for tips, games and facts.

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Wander, gather, create and discover – every trip’s a new adventure!

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what's in the box


how it works

Colour in your bag.
Grab your book and choose a
hunt to try!

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Read the instructions carefully.
Do you need a bag, pencil or crayons, or just your senses?

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Tear-out the hunt page, go outside and start scavenging!

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Collect, tick off or colour, depending on the hunt. Add your scores to see how you've done.

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Take your treasures home and choose a Create Card to turn them into a nature masterpiece!

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Your hunt, your rules! If you like, you can just gather interesting things. Use them along with your Create Cards, or start a cool nature collection!

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what people are saying
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recommend for camping

We bought two of these packs when our grandchildren (age 9 &7) came to stay and tried them out in woods nearby.
The pack itself is very well presented and captured the children’s attention immediately.The materials used are of a great quality and would withstand children doing a lot of flicking through the book. We all liked the idea of colouring and decorating the bag used to collect items in.
The children found the pack contents easy to follow and both quickly decided what creative masterpieces they were going to undertake.
The idea of duplicate pages in the pack is a good one for future use.

I bought this for my 5 and 7 year old and they absolutely loved this pack. They coloured in their bags before we went out, and then spent the next few hours collecting their hunt items. Back home they made art pictures from their scavenged objects using the Create Card pack. No screens in sight :)

It’s a great activity set and there are duplicate hunts that you can rip out for more children but I felt the book was too nice to rip any pages out. Lovely it’s made in the UK too.

We took this away glamping with us for some creative ideas for the kids to do - 5yo girl and 7yo boy - they both loved it - together as well!! They spent the car journey perusing the cards and working out who was going to do what. The tote bag to colour in was the first thing they did when we arrived!! The book and the stickers are so beautifully illustrated and the instructions and text are perfectly written for the age. The crafts are perfect for them as well, and our daughter especially love making the woodland crown!!! Highly recommend for camping/glamping holidays and days out!!

great quality!

No Screens in sight :)

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