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Creative Scavenger was inspired by my two children, Aniya and Cyrus.

When they were young I would sit outside with them in parks and gardens. I would write down hunt ideas, give them each a pen and a bag, and watch them speed off to scavenge while I enjoyed the sunshine. We would take their treasures home with us and use them for different art projects.

As lockdown hit in 2020 I expanded my hunts to make our daily walks more interesting and this became the idea behind creative scavenger. I spent time designing, developing and testing the product before manufacturing in the UK. In December 2021 Creative Scavenger entered the market.

Since then I have been improving the product, finding new venues to sell and developing Beach Hunt which is due out in summer 2022.

Creative Scavenger has been designed and made in the UK using sustainable materials.


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Our Mission

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My mission is to encourage childrens love of the outdoors. To think creatively and grow their curiosity. 

Going back in time to my childhood I remember the playing outside until the street lights came on, exploring without supervision. Being outdoors will create memories for the children whilst enhancing confidence and social skills through unprescribed play.

Be messy, noisy and curious!

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